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Pastor's Blog

More of a Fleet than a Cluster

Posted by Fr. Jeff Lorig on 8/02/20

Our parish is currently clustered with another parish and more could come later. I don't particularly like the word cluster so instead I liken it to parishes working together as a fleet of ships on the same mission. Each parish parish remains separate, but coordinated in a way so ... Read More »

Why does he do that?

Posted by Fr. Jeff Lorig on 8/01/20

Dear Friends,

The Mass schedule has been fairly random. I’ve been jumping between both parishes for different Masses trying to get to know the rhythms of each place. I’m also trying to give you a chance to know who I am and get used to me. There’s also the ... Read More »

Streaming Success

Posted by Fr. Jeff Lorig on 8/01/20

The last bit of equipment just arrived that will enable us to live stream one of our Masses. Testing will begin shortly and then instillation will follow.This is not success. Winning is when we use this tool to help people connect, stay connected, be engaged, and take next steps on a path of discipleship. This ... Read More »

What I've learned about our parishes

Posted by Fr. Jeff Lorig on 8/01/20

My schedule has been full, but I am having so much fun meeting and talking with folks and learning about the culture of each parish. As someone who has been studying and practicing Church leadership and renewal, I’m finding all of this fascinating and encouraging. Overall, in general, ... Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions to Fr. Lorig

Posted by Fr. Jeff Lorig on 8/01/20

Q - I thought Holy Cross would be joining our cohort. What happened?A - Fr. Carl Salanitro has been at Holy Cross for 20 years. He wasn't ready to retire and he wasn't comfortable becoming a Senior Associate. I don't' blame him. More than likely when Fr. Carl is ready ... Read More »

Is it too early to talk about money?

Posted by Fr. Jeff Lorig on 8/01/20

I am impressed by the financial generosity of both parishes. Even during this pandemic and decreased Mass attendance, folks continue to be supportive with their Sunday collection. Thank you.

I set up my recurring tithe for both parishes this week. I prefer to do my tithe electronically. When I ... Read More »

Our New Pastor, Fr. Jeff Lorig

Posted by Fr. Jeff Lorig on 8/01/20

Fr. Lorig currently serves in the chancery of the Archdiocese of Omaha as Director of Pastoral Services. He works with the Pastoral offices (Evangelization, Stewardship, Family Life, Catholic Schools, and Planning) to implement the archdiocesan mission, vision, and priorities in parishes and schools in the 23-county archdiocese.

Ordained ... Read More »

A Parish is More Than a Project

Posted by Fr. Jeff Lorig on 8/01/20

I’m more excited about being involved in parish life again now than maybe a few months ago when I was sitting in my chancery office feeling excited about the challenge helping our two parishes work together and experience renewal. The best part of parish life is not its organizational ... Read More »


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