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Why does he do that?

Dear Friends,

The Mass schedule has been fairly random. I’ve been jumping between both parishes for different Masses trying to get to know the rhythms of each place. I’m also trying to give you a chance to know who I am and get used to me. There’s also the challenge of helping St. Joan of Arc parishioners have a chance to get to know Fr. Baumert.  

Be assured, all three of us priests do things differently. If you are wondering why I do things differently than your former pastor, just ask. For the sake of your soul and the overall health of our parishes, try not to jump to conclusions and enter into gossip. Gossip is a toxin. Our parishes will never grow if we’re lining our conversations with poison.

After Mass Chit Chat. During these Covid times, most priests, myself included, have avoided the after Mass chit chat as people exit the church. This is an extremely difficult adjustment as a new pastor. So, while we should probably avoid chatting indoors after Mass, I’m going to do my best to head outside with a mask to at least exchange a friendly hello.

My Office. There is a nice pastors’ office at St. Thomas More, but we are extremely limited for office and meeting space at the rectory and parish in general. St. Joan of Arc School has been gracious enough to allow me to use one of the classrooms on the main floor as an office, meeting space, and adult formation classroom. I kinda like it and have decided to make it my main office. More than likely, my daytime appointments be held there, and evening appointments will be at the rectory at St. Thomas More. Zoom is always an option, which I can do from anywhere.

Snail Mail and Email Address. If you send snail mail to either parish address, it will get to me, but I will be using the St. Thomas More rectory address as my main mailing address: 4804 Grover St., Omaha, NE 68106.

The best way to get contact me is through email - [email protected]. I’m an inbox empty sorta guy, so I will always, unless something crazy happens, respond to an email.

My New Phone Number is 402-509-3909. I’m doing my best to avoid giving out my personal cell number for parish business. I’ve read stories that in many cases your personal number is a better identifier than your name. Scammers can learn a lot about you just from that number.

So, I decided to use a local Skype number. It works just like any phone number except I can make and receive calls and texts with any device from anywhere.

A Weekly Pastor Newsletter. If you would like to get on the email list for a weekly pastor newsletter that has a lot more insider information in regards to planning around the parish cluster and renewal and a video message from me, just email me at the address above and let me know which parish you are from. If you are already receiving these email newsletters, there is no need to email me.  

In Christ,

Fr. Jeff Lorig


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