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The World Needs Our Leadership

It's a strange world we're living in, but God chose us for this time. Because we are ambassadors for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20), we have the power and responsibility to make a difference in the world. God could do it himself, but he entrusted the mission to us and it will take leaders like you to make it happen.

Leadership is influence. Everyone has influence. Everyone is a leader.

I'm very excited about attending this year's Global Leadership Summit hosted locally at Christ the King parish next week, August 6th & 7th. We have eight people from our two parishes attending. Next year I'd like to bring 20 non-staff to the event. I wouldn't expect anyone reading this to register for it this year, but you still can if you want and you don't have to attend in-person. There is a special in-home viewing option available for anyone who registers this year. You can register by going to



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