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Streaming Success

The last bit of equipment just arrived that will enable us to live stream one of our Masses. Testing will begin shortly and then instillation will follow.

This is not success. 

Winning is when we use this tool to help people connect, stay connected, be engaged, and take next steps on a path of discipleship. 

This will take a team. The difference between a group of volunteers and a team is that a team knows what winning looks like and strives for it together. 

Would you like to join the team? Training will be provided.

Roles needed (as of right now) -

  • Technicians - Run the equipment at the Mass
  • Digital "Ushers" - engage viewers in the chat room
  • Graphic Artists - Create graphics/text for the stream
  • Photographers - Create cut images when we don't want a live image on the screen

And you thought all you could do to help your Church at Mass was be an EMHC or Lector. 

Another way to help the Church win is to help financially.

Email me at [email protected] if you feel so moved to help in any way.

In Christ,
Fr. Jeff Lorig 


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