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More of a Fleet than a Cluster

Our parish is currently clustered with another parish and more could come later. I don't particularly like the word cluster so instead I liken it to parishes working together as a fleet of ships on the same mission. Each parish parish remains separate, but coordinated in a way so things run smoothly and effectively.

In January of 2019, the Archdiocese of Omaha proposed a new way forward in pastoral planning. The proposal has now become more plan than proposal since it’s been initiated in several locations in the rural area and is now happening in the metro area as of July 1, 2020. The most important and urgent rationale for pastoral planning right now is to help the archdiocese prepare for approximately 30 fewer priests in the next 10 years. The plan has several objectives, but two in particular stick out: Keep our parishes open without killing our priests. In order to accomplish this objective, the archbishop assigns one pastor......(read more to learn about how pastoral planning will affect our parish).

Worth Mentioning

If you have been around the church in the last week, you will have noticed some construction work. We are having a bunch of concrete and asphalt work done.  Some of this was meant to be done last fall but the economy was great and it was hard to get it completed with every crew being very busy.  This spring was so uncertain, we put it off again.  As things are opening up this becomes very important with the knowledge that there will be many people walking around with far more concerns on their mind than tripping on a patch of bad sidewalk.  So we are working to fix a couple years of crumbling sidewalks and very rough spots in the parking lot.  Pray that we can get it all taken care of before the school traffic starts.  We want our children and those with mobility problems to be safe. - Fr. Frank

There's a possibility that we could have around 60-70 funerals a year between the two parishes, so it was an early priority of ours to establish and communicate a centralized workflow for all funerals. Fr. Frank will essentially be the point person for all funerals. He'll decide which priest will take the funeral based on family preference, schedule, and priest workload. 


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