Best Lent Ever: Finding Your Mission

Mar 31, 2015

Happy Holy Week! Even though Lent is on its way out and Easter is about to be ushered in, there's never a better time to draw closer to God, who continually pours out His divine love and mercy upon us at every moment.

Many people have recently come to know a very engaging and dynamic leader in our Church - Matthew Kelly. He's not hard to miss with his strong Australian accent. He is the author of many books, including Rediscover Catholicism, as well as an evangelization organization called Dynamic Catholic. He and his organization offer many outstanding resources for living the Catholic Christian life. Below is a video pertaining to lent - and every season of our lives and liturgical calendar. 

Matthew Kelly says: "The world says you will be most fully alive when you get what you want, but it’s not true. In your lifetime you will encounter hundreds of people who are obsessed with getting what they want, but getting what they want won’t make them happy. The reason is profoundly simple: You never can get enough of what you don’t really need."

Check out the video here:


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