WINGS (Ladies Guild)

The St. Thomas More Ladies Guild (Now called WINGS) is a group of women parishioners and school parents who get together each year for social events, fund-raising functions, and many other school related activities.
Our mission is two-fold:
First, we provide a very important source of income for all parish activities at St. Thomas More.  Proceeds from WINGS (Ladies Guild) Membership, STM Peddler's Market, STM Bake Sales, and many other events bring in over $8,000 annually.  This money is given to the parish and school to help defray the costs related to all the special events and various items needed for the school and parish.
Secondly, we provide fellowship and opportunities to volunteer a little time or talent to help make our parish and school community the fine model of success it is today.  All women are invited to become a part of this group, and all ideas whether new or old are welcome.
As a member of the St. Thomas More WINGS (Ladies Guild), you will support St. Thomas More through a wide variety of rewarding volunteer opportunities.  Expand your social network and get involved in the St. Thomas More community.

St. Thomas More WINGS Officers                                        
President:  Missy Gates
Phone: 402-680-7132
Email:  [email protected]
Vice President: April Belfiore
Phone:  402-740-9824
Email:  [email protected]
Secretary: Ronda Miller
Phone:  402-734-4625
Email:  [email protected]
Treasurer:  Jen VanHaitsma
Phone:  402-250-1510
Email: [email protected]

Immediate Past President:  Michele Tripp
Members at Large
Coordinators - "Out for Fun"                  
Fall Bake Sale Coordinator
Marsha Sterba
Peddlers Market Coordinator    
Sara McCandless
Email:  [email protected]
More Di Gras Coordinator
Dawn Sledge
Holy Hour Coordinator
Moe Huerter
St. Thomas More Ladies Guild Bylaws (pdf)